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New books! Bundle of 6 (Spring '23 collection)

New books! Bundle of 6 (Spring '23 collection)

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We are super excited to announce the launch of our new Urdu-English books for kids!

All our books become interactive with the innovative Bolo Pen - tap anywhere on our books and the Bolo Pen reads it out loud!

  • All our books are filled with fun sound effects!
  • Imagine reading a story about Icecream Trucks and when you tap on the truck, you hear icecream truck music! 
  • The new books will work with the Bolo Pen you already own! You will just have to update it if you purchased before Nov 30, 2022. Newer Bolo Pens will work with the new books right away for North American customers

This bundle includes all 6 of our new books (2 in each category)

  • Urdu Words

    • Duniya Kay Jaanvar (Animals of the World)
    • Khaanay Kee Cheezain (Things to Eat)
  • Urdu Sentences

    • Ice Cream Truck Aa Gaya (Ice Cream Truck is Here)
    • Rozana Kee Baateein (Everyday Conversations)
  • Urdu Stories

    • Nana Ka Khazaana (Nana's Treasure)
    • Bachon Nay Daikha Pakistan (The Children Saw Pakistan)

A Bolo Pen can be added to the bundle at a discounted rate.

Free shipping to Canada, US and UK

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  • Khaanay Kee Cheezain (Things To Eat)

    Help your children learn and identify over 50 things to eat in Urdu! Includes spreads for Breakfast, Lunch, Fruits, Vegetables, a BBQ and more

  • Duniya Kay Jaanvar (Animals of the World)

    A beautifully illustrated book that groups animals together based on where they live. Learn about animals from the African Savannah, Farms, North American rainforests, and many more

  • Rozana Kee Baatein (Everyday Conversations)

    One of our favourite books! It helps guide children through everyday sentences, and helps them form their own with options. For example, a child can read "Mein paanch saal ka hoon" and below that see all the numbers listed in Urdu so they can form a sentence with their own age

  • Icecream Truck Aagaya (The Icecream Truck is Here!)

    A super fun short story written using simple sentences. We have inserted many sentences in the books that help children describe objects, while being entertained by a fun story

  • Nana ka Khazaana (Nana's Treasure)

    Follow the adventure of a little boy as he follows his Nana looking for treasure! While the treasure ends up being very different than what the boy thought, he has a lot of fun enjoying it with his Nana

  • Bachon Nay Daikha Pakistan

    The streets, bazaars, Pakistan kee subha aur shaam are all explored in this nostalgic book. This easy-to-follow book is filled with fun sounds – from the trucks honking to the sabzi vala shouting - this book will help our children understand the essence of Pakistan

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Book Materials

All books are hardcover board books designed to survive little hands (and siblings)


Free shipping to Canada, US and the UK. Not available in other regions.

Size and Pages

Urdu Word books: 7x7 inches; 14 pages

Urdu Sentence books: 7x7 inches; 16 pages

Urdu Story books: 8x8 inches; 20 pages

Age Recommendation

It really depends! We created the resources keeping 3-8 year olds in mind. However, our own 2 year old loves the books and is very comfortable with the Bolo Pen. We also tested the books with older kids and got very positive feedback

Our primary focus has been to help kids (and parents) that consider Urdu a second language and are beginners, so ages can vary!

Will my old Bolo Pen work with the new books?

Yes! You can simply update the pen (it's as easy as using a USB drive) and it will work with all of Kids Bolo's books

The new Bolo Pen will work with all 15 Kids Bolo books right away