Urdu-English books for kids in the West

A lot of thought has been put behind each page of each book

  • Easy, everyday language
  • Roman Urdu, Urdu and English on each page
  • Easy to read fonts + zair zabr paish
  • Cultural contexts
  • Fun topics + interesting storylines
  • Every part of the book can be tapped with our Bolo Pen
  • All our books are durable hardcover board books

We have tried to our best to make these books as engaging as possible for our little ones - take a look below! 

Urdu Word Books

Basic and easy Urdu words written using English letters (Roman Urdu).

These books have large bright illustrations for young children, and the words are written in both Urdu and Roman Urdu (Urdu using English letters).

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Urdu Sentence Books

Easy Urdu sentences written using English letters (Roman Urdu).

These books meant to introduce children to descriptive sentences and everyday conversations. The books use very simple sentence structures and try to focus on sentences comprised of few words.

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Urdu Storybooks

Original Urdu stories for children written in Roman Urdu and Traditional Urdu, along with English translations.

Our storybooks are focused on the concept of transliteration - you read them in Urdu using English letters. This helps make children more comfortable with the language, and also helps parents who might not be comfortable reading Urdu script themselves.

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Books and Bolo Pen Bundles

These packages include a combination of our Urdu-English books for kids and the innovative Bolo Pen which reads the books out loud with fun sound effects

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