Introducing the Bolo Pen!

Updating the Bolo Pen

Our Bolo Pens are designed to work with all 15 books published by Kids Bolo. Some customers will have to update their Bolo Pen for it to work with the newest 6 books released by Kids Bolo.

Who needs to update the Bolo Pen?

  • You will only need to update the Bolo Pen if you purchased the pen prior to November 30th, 2022

Is it hard / how long will it take?

It is a very simple process and can be completed in a few minutes. It is the same process as putting a file on to a USB drive

Steps to Update the Bolo Pen

  1. Download the update file for the Bolo Pen by clicking here and save it to your computer (Download)
  2. Plug the Bolo Pen into your computer using a USB cable (provided in the box). The Bolo Pen will now show as a USB drive on your computer named "KIDS_BOLO". If it does not show up right away, give it a few seconds
  3. Open the folder named "book" in the Bolo Pen. You will see the old file here that starts with KB-BOOK 1-9
  4. Take the new file you downloaded in step 1 and copy / paste it into this folder named "book"
  5. Now delete the old file. The old file name starts with "KB-BOOK 1-9" whereas the new file name starts with "KB-Book 1-15"
  6. Right click on the "KIDS_BOLO" drive and click on "Eject" to properly disconnect the drive from your computer
  7. Unplug and Bolo Pen and enjoy!

If you run into any issues, please see the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page or reach out to us at

About the Bolo Pen

We are excited that you have given our Bolo Pen a chance. The Bolo Pen is the first Urdu talking pen and was created specifically to help kids in the West get comfortable with Urdu.

This page will give you an overview on how to use the pen and answer some common questions. There is also a Contact Us form at the bottom of the page for you to get in touch!

Kids Bolo - Urdu for kids


Bolo Pen Overview

Bolo Pen - Urdu reading pen

Turning On or Off

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until you hear the greeting.

Reading with the Bolo Pen

Simply tap the pen anywhere inside the Kids Bolo books. Tap the different texts, images and blank spaces to explore all the different sounds. Every spot in the book can be tapped. For best use, keep the pen vertical and make it a quick and light tap (do not tap and hold).

Recording function

Help your kids practice what they are reading. Press and hold the record button for 3 seconds until you hear the recording function start. Let go of the button and say something. Tap the record button when you are done. The recording will play back automatically.


The Bolo Pen charges through a USB cable (provided in the box). Plug in the USB cable into your computer or appropriate wall plug. Do not use "fast chargers".

A solid red light will be displayed when the pen is charging. The light will turn off when the pen is fully charged.

Updating the Bolo Pen

The Bolo Pen comes loaded with the first 9 books released by Kids Bolo. You will be able to update the pen for free for all new books added to the collection. This page will be updated to provide instructions.


Turn off and unplug the Bolo Pen. Use a soft, dry and lint-free cloth to wipe down the pen. If the pen sensor does not seem to be working, gently blow away any dust or debris from the sensor.


Remember, this is an electronic item. While it is made keeping kids in mind, it is not a toy. Avoid rough use of the product. Keep the pen in a dry and clean environment away from dust. Do not store the pen near heat, humidity or direct sunlight. Do not get the pen wet or place it near any liquids.


My pen won't turn on

Try the following:

- Charge the Bolo Pen using the supplied USB cable. A solid red light will be displayed when the pen is charging

- Try plugging it into a different USB plug or into your computer

- Press and hold the Power button for 3-5 seconds until you hear a greeting

The pen turns off on its own

The volume is too high or too low

There are volume buttons on the right side of the Bolo Pen. Use the volume up or volume down button to adjust as needed.

The pen does not make any sounds

- The pen works by reading hidden codes on the books through the sensor on the bottom of the pen. Make sure the sensor is clear of any dust or debris. Try gently blowing on it to clear it. Do NOT damage the sensor by poking it with a sharp object

- Make sure the pen is physically tapping the books so that it can read the sounds

- The pen shuts off automatically after a few minutes of no use. Try turning it on again

- The pen will only work on Kids Bolo books

The pen repeats sounds when I tap

The pen will repeat the sound if it is kept close to the page when you tap. For best use, tap quickly and lightly, moving the pen away from the page after the tap

The pen is giving an error

Try resetting the pen!

1) Turn on the pen

2) Take the silicon covering off to reveal a small button (under the speaker)

3) Press the button and the pen will turn off

Turn the pen on again

Why are some words said in Urdu only, and others in Urdu + English?

It depends on the page! If the English translation for a word is already provided as text on the page, tapping the object will only play the word in Urdu. If the object does not have an English translation on the page already, then the object will play the word in both Urdu and English.

Reach out with any other questions!