Collection: Kids Bolo Summer Camps

Looking for a summer camp that's both fun and educational?

Kids Bolo is introducing play-based summer camps for children to expose them to conversational Urdu in a fun way.

As parents, planning for the summer can be a bit tricky. We want to keep our kids busy and somewhat productive, but it feels a little unfair to have them go through strict academic programs during their time off.

The Kids Bolo Summer Camps have been developed with 2 objectives in mind:

  • Kids should have fun and remain engaged through activities and games
  • Kids should get exposed to the beautiful Urdu language, at a level that resonates with them

Each day, your child will participate in activities that are half in Urdu and half in English. This way, regardless of their level of familiarity with the language, they will be able to participate and learn.

Our camps will be delivered daily to help keep your kids busy and you will have the option to select which weeks you want to participate in.

We will be hosting 2 types of camps: