Learn Urdu with just a tap!

Kids Bolo™ has published 15 bilingual Urdu-English books and an innovative talking pen that makes our books come alive!

  • The pen can speak!

    Tap the pen anywhere on our books and it will read out the text or play fun sound effects

  • Made for kids in the West

    Written in simple language using Roman Urdu (Urdu written using English letters), traditional Urdu and English

  • Super fun and engaging

    Kids can use the pen independently, and the books have really fun illustrations, sound effects and storylines

  • A long lasting investment

    High quality hardcover boardbooks designed to survive little hands

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The magical Bolo Pen

  • Tap anywhere in our books to hear them out loud!
  • Tons of audio content in each book - words, sentences, sound effects and children’s music
  • A single pen works with all 15 books
  • Will work with all future books with an update!
  • Recording function (kids can record themselves and play it back)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Headphone jack

Retail price: $60 USD

3 Styles of Roman Urdu Books

Interactive and fun Urdu classes for kids

Our online Urdu classes for kids are specifically designed for kids living outside Pakistan

- Taught in English + Urdu, gradually moving to more Urdu over time

- Structured, fun and engaging curriculum

- Urdu tutors based in the US, UK or Canada trained to teach non-native speakers

Explore Urdu Classes

Salam and Hello!

We are Pakistani-Canadian parents who could not find appropriate Urdu resources for our kids, so we made our own!

After experimenting with lots of different resources under the name "Inglish For Kids", we are now launching our best Urdu resources, ever, as Kids Bolo!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Our products have been created specifically for kids living outside of Pakistan in an effort to encourage Urdu as a second language

Our books include Roman Urdu (Urdu written using English letters), use simplified words/sentences and the Bolo Pen helps with pronunciations.

Do you offer Urdu classes for kids?


We now offer Urdu Conversational Classes for children. The focus of these classes is on speaking the language (rather than reading or writing).

More information on the classes can be found at this link - https://kidsbolo.com/collections/kids-bolo-academy

What is Roman Urdu?

Roman Urdu refers to Urdu written using English letters - matlab aisay.

All our children's books are written in Roman Urdu, traditional Urdu and English.

Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

Canada, US and the UK: Shipping to is FREE for orders of 3 books or more! All other orders will have a charge of $4 USD

Shipping to other European countries available on our original collection for $15 USD.

We currently do NOT ship to other countries, however, we can arrange shipping globally for wholesale orders (25+ Full Sets). Please email us at support@kidsbolo.com to discuss further

Will I have to pay additional taxes and duties?

Canada – GST/HST will be calculated at checkout. Taxes range from 5% to 13% depending on the product

US– No additional taxes or duties

UK– VAT is already included in the price. No additional duties.

Other European countries – while we do not expect any additional taxes or duties, we cannot guarantee this. Please note that you will be responsible for any additional taxes or duties incurred

Do you have other languages available?

Not yet! But if you are interested in other languages, please let us know here -http://expansion.kidsbolo.com

How will the pen work with future books?

The pen is future proof! It can be updated following very simple directions (the same process as copying a file onto a USB drive).

We will share details with customers when we have future updates!