Our Story

We are Pakistani-Canadians who immigrated to Toronto in our early teens. While we grew up in Urdu speaking households, we ended up speaking to each other mostly in English. It wasn’t until we had kids that the realization hit - Urdu was going to fade away if something did not change. 

Just like you..

  • We knew there are many benefits to making our kids bilingual 
  • We knew that Urdu connects us to our identity and community 
  • We knew that we wanted our kids to at least have a foundation
  • And we KNEW that we needed to keep Urdu alive

But YET, it was HARD. As parents whose children were born in the West, we felt our choice of relevant Urdu resources was limited. So we leveraged Masooma's graduate degree in Early Childhood Studies and created them ourselves.

We launched in late 2020 under the name “Inglish For Kids” name and published several books. Our work was even featured by organizations such as Muslims Awards for Excellence (MAX) and the American Pakistan Foundation. We sold thousands of copies and got direct feedback from hundreds of parents like you. We used your feedback to rebuild our products from scratch and relaunched as Kids Bolo.

Together with you, we are on a mission to empower our kids to better understand and speak Urdu through easy, fun and engaging resources such as Roman Urdu books for children, an Urdu talking pen, and Urdu Classes for kids.

We are very excited about the journey ahead, and welcome you to join us.

Thank you,