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Kids Bolo Academy

Virtual Play-Based Summer Camp

Virtual Play-Based Summer Camp

Cost is per child per week

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Get ready for a summer of fun and learning with our virtual camp for kids ages 5-10!

Instead of focusing on academic learning, our play-based camp exposes children to Beginner Urdu through games and activities that are delivered in a hybrid Urdu-English model.

The camp will be held daily, Monday to Friday, for 1 hour each day.

  • Made for kids like yours This camp is specially designed for children living in North America and the UK who want to learn Urdu as a second language in an entertaining way!
  • Focus on fun - Expect your kids to have a blast with a variety of fun activities and games in a small group setting (3-5 children) that will keep them engaged and wanting more!
  • Small groups that promote interaction - each session has a maximum of 5 children of a similar age to promote conversation
  • Hybrid language model for kids new to Urdu - Our camp sessions are a mix of Urdu and English, so no matter how familiar your child is with the language, they'll be able to join in the fun!
  • Convenient schedule for busy parents - Held daily on weekdays for an hour of fun and learning
  • Flexible for your summer plans - You can choose the weeks you want your children to participate in!
  • Quality Instructors - Our North America and UK-based tutors are dedicated to providing your child with a fun and interactive learning experience and are qualified and experienced 

Themes & Activities:

  • Each week will be different so you can register your child for multiple weeks!
  • Weeks will be organized into various fun themes such as animals, outdoor objects, emotions, etc. to expose children to a broad spectrum of Urdu vocabulary
  • Activities will include interactive games, themed projects, arts & crafts, storytime and more!

        Camp structure (days, length, etc.)

        Camp sessions will be held daily, Mon to Fri, for 1 hour each.

        Cost is per child per week (5 days, 1 hour each)

        Sessions will have a maximum of 5 children in each to promote participation and interactivity

        The content for all weeks will be independent of each other and delivered at the same level of Urdu-English. You can choose whichever weeks work for you!

        Is this an academic camp?

        Our summer program is not an academic camp and is different from our conversational classes.

        It is a play-based camp where children will participate in games and activities delivered in a hybrid Urdu-English model.

        Do the children need to know Urdu?

        Our camp is designed for beginners with little to no ability to speak Urdu.

        Our camp sessions are a mix of Urdu and English, so no matter how familiar your child is with the language, they'll be able to join in the fun!

        Location / technology

        All classes will take place virtually. Links will be provided closer to the starting date.

        Refund / cancellation policy

        We understand life can be unpredictable with kids and are happy to support changes in your schedule, as we can. We offer full refunds/cancellations with a 30 day notice prior to the start of the week you have registered for.

        Please note - the 30 day requirement is strict. Organizing our classes takes a lot of planning and we need time to adjust things around to ensure the everything can go ahead as planned for everyone else.

        I'm already enrolled in Kids Bolo classes. Should I sign up for this too?

        Your existing classes as part of our 6 level program will continue over the summer at their original time. Your child can continue to move up the levels through their 2 classes a week.

        You can certainly add the camp in addition to your regular classes.

        If you would like to switch from existing classes to the camp, please sign up for the camp and then send us an email.

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