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Kids Bolo Academy

ا ب پ Urdu Letters 2 WEEK Summer Camp (Virtual)

ا ب پ Urdu Letters 2 WEEK Summer Camp (Virtual)

Cost is per child for 2 weeks

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  • Urdu + English for beginners
  • 40 mins, 5 times a week for 2 weeks
  • 20 practice resources

Get ready for Kids Bolo’s VIRTUAL summer camp that will help start your child’s Urdu script journey! Come learn how to write the Urdu letters in the traditional Urdu script with our knowledgeable and fun instructors!

At Kids Bolo, we make sure that our classes and camps are fun and interactive. We ensure that we learn through structure but also lots of play!

Our play-based summer camp exposes children to the Urdu letters through games, imagery and sounds. Children will learn how to write all the individual letters and will focus on learning how to recognize the sounds and pronunciations of them.  If you are looking to start your child’s Urdu script journey, this camp is it!

This camp is perfect for beginners as it is delivered in a hybrid Urdu-English model and is specially designed for children of ages 7-10 living in North America/UK.

Dates: Monday, July 22nd to Friday, August 2nd (consecutive; no sessions on weekends)

Ages: 7-10 (the child should be able to write)

Duration: 40 minutes per session

Cost: $150 USD/per child for 2 weeks

 You can choose any 1 of the following time slots:

  • 12:00 - 12:40 pm Eastern
  • 1:00 - 1:40 pm Eastern

Bonus: 20 practice resources will be provided for additional review (e.g. worksheets, flashcards)

What can you expect from Urdu Script virtual camp?

  • Focus on fun - Expect your kids to have a blast with a variety of arts & crafts, games in a small group setting (4-5 children) that will keep them engaged
  • Small groups that promote interaction - each session has a maximum of 5 children of a similar age to promote conversation
  • Hybrid language model for kids new to Urdu - Our camp sessions are a mix of Urdu and English, so no matter how familiar your child is with the language, they'll be able to join in the fun!
  • Quality Instructors - Our North America and UK-based tutors are dedicated to providing your child with a fun and interactive learning experience and all have direct working experience with children


          Is this an academic camp?

          Our camps are not academic camps and are different from our conversational classes.

          It is a play-based camp where children will participate in games and activities delivered in a hybrid Urdu-English model.

          Do the children need to know Urdu?

          Our camp is designed for beginners with little to no ability to speak Urdu.

          Our camp sessions are a mix of Urdu and English, so no matter how familiar your child is with the language, they'll be able to join in the fun!

          Location / technology

          All classes will take place virtually. Links will be provided closer to the starting date.

          Refund / cancellation policy

          We understand life can be unpredictable with kids and are happy to support changes in your schedule, as we can. We offer full refunds/cancellations with a 15 day notice prior to the start of the week you have registered for.

          Please note - the 15 day requirement is strict. Organizing our classes takes a lot of planning and we need time to adjust things around to ensure the everything can go ahead as planned for everyone else.

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