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Kids Bolo Academy

Urdu Conversational Classes - Sept 2022 start date

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Cost is per child per month. Use code "SIBLING" at checkout to get 10% off for the second child

Starting Level
Class Times

The September batch is now sold out. To find out when registration opens up again (and for more age groups), submit your email at this link -


Our Urdu Conversational Classes are designed to help kids living outside Pakistan get comfortable with the Urdu language. 

  • Structured, fun and engaging curriculum
  • Taught in English + Urdu, gradually moving to more Urdu over time
  • All teachers are based in the US, UK or Canada 
  • 2 classes per week for 45 minutes each
  • 6 levels of classes for your kids to progress through
  • Monthly plan requires you to register just once - classes can be paused or canceled at anytime with 2 weeks notice. No long-term commitment required

Urdu classes for children


  • Level 1: Identify and understand some common words and phrases
  • Level 2: Understand and use simple Urdu words and phrases
  • Level 3: Form and use basic conversational sentences in Urdu
  • Level 4: Have basic conversations in mixed Urdu/English sentences
  • Level 5: Have basic conversations in full, short Urdu sentences
  • Level 6: More advanced conversation for everyday language using detailed descriptions and basic reasoning

Each level will be completed in 2 months. We strongly encourage parents to start with Level 1 and have their kids progress through the program

Language of instruction:

  • English + Urdu. These classes are designed for kids who are native English speakers with little to no current knowledge of Urdu
  • The text used in our materials will always be Roman Urdu (Urdu written using English letters)

    Class Structure:

    • 8 classes per month (2x per week)
    • Small group classes (3-5 children)
    • Virtual classes
    • 45 minutes each

    Age Group:

    • 5-8 years old
    • We are enforcing this age limit at the moment and will offer additional ages in the future

    Payment structure and pauses/cancellations:

    • Your credit card will be charged $120 USD per month
    • You can pause or cancel at any time with 2 weeks' notice. This will stop payments for subsequent months. The current month will not be refunded.


    All our tutors are native Urdu speakers that live in the US, UK or Canada. We have ensured they all have prior experience working with children

    Location / technology

    All classes will take place virtually. Links will be provided closer to the starting date.

    Resources provided

    - Interactive / digital practice resources to be provided each week

    - You do NOT require to have the Kids Bolo books and talking pen (although they will be great for practice!)

    Sibling Discount

    The $120 / month cost is per child. We offer a 10% discount for siblings. When checking out, use code SIBLING to apply the discount

    Refund / cancellation policy

    We understand life can be unpredictable with kids and are happy to support changes in your schedule, as we can. We offer full refunds/cancellations with a 2 week notice prior to the start of the next month.

    Please note - the 2 week requirement is strict. Organizing our classes takes a lot of planning with tutors, parents, availabilities, etc. and we need time to adjust things around to ensure the classes can go ahead as planned for everyone else.

    • Sofia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      We absolutely loved our experience. The course was so well structured and well thought out, and they picked things to teach that would actually be digestible and age appropriate. Our 5 year old went into the class with almost no Urdu in daily use, and has picked up so many words and sentences that we are using more and more every day.

    • Shehrose ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      I signed my oldest daughter, 8 years old up for the classes. Her understanding of Urdu has suddenly expanded. She is putting her knowledge of existing words and new words together to figure out sentences! These classes are also not taught in a traditional way which can be a bit boring. It's only taught in conversation and games! I also appreciate the follow up after the class with games and sheets to continue practicing with my daughter!

    • Kiran ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      Our kids LOVED the Urdu Class and are practicing their Urdu around the house and with each other! The classes are so organized and well thought out. The at-home activities are fun and a great way to re-inforce what they've learned. The teachers are so sweet and positive (and patient!). I'm so grateful to KidsBolo for creating such an amazing program. 10/10 Recommend. We cant wait for Session 2....and 3, 4, and beyond! :)

    • Junaid ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      Instead of looking at it as "class", our daughter thoroughly enjoyed attending the sessions and participating with other students.  As most of us living here abroad and as someone who grew up mostly overseas we speak a mix of English and Urdu at home, and trying to teach our kids Urdu has always felt a daunting task.  We are so happy we discovered Kids Bolo.  Our daughter has learned a tremendous amount over a short period of time; her vocabulary has increased significantly and more importantly her confidence about communicating with us in Urdu has gone up exponentially.  We look forward to continuing our lessons.