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Kids Bolo Academy

Urdu Conversational Classes (ADULTS) - late Oct 2023 start

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Our Urdu Conversational Classes are designed to help adults living outside Pakistan get comfortable with the Urdu language. 

  • Designed for adults with little to no knowledge of Conversational Urdu
  • Structured and engaging curriculum
  • Taught in English + Urdu, gradually moving to more Urdu over time
  • All Urdu tutors are based in the US, UK or Canada 
  • 1 class per week for 60 minutes
  • 6 foundational levels of classes for you to progress through plus ongoing sessions that work on Urdu fluency, grammar and daily Urdu conversations
  • Monthly plan requires you to register just once - classes can be paused or canceled at anytime with 2 weeks notice. No long-term commitment required


All students will start in Level 1 and progress through the program.

Foundational Levels 1-6:

  • Level 1: Identify and understand some common words and phrases
  • Level 2: Understand and use simple Urdu words and phrases
  • Level 3: Form and use basic conversational sentences in Urdu
  • Level 4: Have basic conversations in mixed Urdu/English sentences
  • Level 5: Have basic conversations in full, short Urdu sentences
  • Level 6: More advanced conversation for everyday language using detailed descriptions and basic reasoning 

    Post Level 6: Work on strengthening Urdu fluency, grammar and daily Urdu conversations based on real life scenarios

Each foundational level will be completed in 2 months. 

Language of instruction:

  • English + Urdu. These classes are designed for adults who are native English speakers with little to no current ability to speak or understand Urdu
  • The text used in our materials will always be Roman Urdu (Urdu written using English letters)

    Class Structure:

    • 4 classes per month (1x per week)
    • Small group classes (3-5 students)
    • Virtual classes
    • 60 minutes each


    • These classes are designed for adults 18+

    Payment structure and pauses/cancellations:

    • Your credit card will be charged $80 USD per month
    • You can pause or cancel at any time with 2 weeks' notice. This will stop payments for subsequent months. The current month will not be refunded.


    All our tutors are native Urdu speakers that live in the US, UK or Canada

    Location / technology

    All classes will take place virtually. Links will be provided closer to the starting date.

    Resources provided

    - Practice resources (Urdu worksheets, flashcards, etc.) will be provided for each week's classes

    Refund / cancellation policy

    We understand life can be unpredictable and are happy to support changes in your schedule, as we can. We offer cancellations with a 2 week notice prior to the start of the next month.

    Please note - the 2 week requirement is strict. Organizing our classes takes a lot of planning with tutors, students, availabilities, etc. and we need time to adjust things around to ensure the classes can go ahead as planned for everyone else.